when poutiq was born she looked down at her hands and wondered why they were so furry. She looked around at the hands of all the other little children around her and saw that they were smooth and pink, and had no fur on them at all.

So she asked her momma why and momma said, “Well why shouldn’t they be furry, honey? There aren’t any rules to what you have to be.”

You can be anything you want to be in this whole wide world.

…and Momma was right.

Located in Melbourne City, Australia

Poutiq is the premier media platform for the modern human being who is academic, artist, traveller and entrepreneur – all rolled into one.

More thought nomad than thought leader, we were born into technology with knowlege abundant at our fingertips.

We demand that entertainment be informative and information be entertaining, and rebel against all barriers to imagination.


Melbourne, VIC 3000