These are officially the hottest dog looks on the planet.

You’ve seen those viral images of dogs with cube haircuts, Shih-Tzus that look like influencers, toy poodles that look like Barbara Streisand, cuts that leave you wondering if we, in the dog-parenting section of the human race, have finally peaked.

While the answer is probably yes, the outcomes of Japanese dog grooming trends are no less delightful and entertaining. Where breed standard grooming has sought to combine practicality and enhance a dog’s elegance and visual gait, Japanese and East Asian grooming trends have instead embraced Kawaii and seek to liberate the ever-lovin’ squee out of every dog.

Focused on accentuating the ‘cute’ in your dog, the trend combines an understanding of fur textures and a feeling for the dog’s personality to unleash the Care Bear within. For example, popular Japanese toy poodle styles will often feature a rounded face that’s short around the eyes to create a teddy bear look. Their fluffy little legs will be shaped in a smooth, gradual bell-bottom that either hides or accentuates their paws. And who can forget the infamous Taiwanese dog cubes. Perfectly cubed dogs who look exactly like a slice of toast.

It is a true hero that devotes her life to capturing high-res images of cute dogs, and photographer Grace Chon is that person. The sheer and utter joy that a fresh doggy ‘do brings to the world is clearly the number one reason for Grace’s book ‘Puppy Styled‘, probably one of the most important coffee table books to ever be created in the history of ever. If you’re looking for a good old squee fest, look no further than this compendium of before-and-after photos of fluffy good boys and girls. Have a look at some of her work here, and be sure to give her Insta a follow as well. Be warned though, any plans to be productive are out the window once you click those links.

As Linda Evangelista once said, “I won’t get out of bed for less than 1 million dogs.” And honestly Linda, same.