Gen Z pet owners are the new future of the pet industry in America. Over the past decade Gen Z plus their former cohort the Millennials, have accounted for more than half of the growth in the population of pet owners.

These young animal owners are the breed who have humanized their furry friends and developed the relationship between humans and pets. One of the main reasons they are dabbling in all things furry is that many of them view their cats and dogs as ‘practice runs’ for when they start the process of raising children.

It’s this intense relationship building which also accounts for why this younger group of our growing population considers their pets as one of the family.

Pet Parents

These young ‘Pet Parents’ are beginning the process of rehearsing their roles in providing their pets with healthy alternatives as part of an overall real-life human parenting trend. Experts say that more than any other demographic, this caring age group are much more likely to make the connection between the foods they feed their pet, such as their main meals and treats, than any other section of the population.

For example, This group is the ones who are most likely to express concern about their pets having food allergies or intolerances and are more likely to agree that high-quality pet foods are better for their animals as preventive healthcare.

...more likely to make the connection between the foods they feed
their pet ...than any other section of the population.

Pet play dates

Perhaps even more importantly from the perspective of pet food producers, this young group of pet owners is more likely than those in other age groups to state that they are willing to pay more for pet food products that are healthier for their pets.

The pet industry is already behind the relationships between Gen Z and their fur babies and is tapping into a lucrative business. As a whole, this industry understands the milestones in the animal members of this animal-loving cohort, and tempts them with products ranging from Birthday cakes and presents through to pet playdates and sleepovers!

Distrust for big brands

However, As we know from other Gen Z experts and research, this group of young adults have a healthy distrust for big corporations and prefer to look to startups and more ethical brands and packaging, which reflect the importance of recycling, respect for the planet and pet food companies which have principals and meaning behind their business.

A survey from Packaged Facts which focused its research on pet food discovered that Gen Z is less likely to trust “the quality of pet foods produced by larger companies.”


The growing relationship between Generation Z and their pets will begin to see a change in the pet food giants, with a move towards smaller and more principled companies who gear their products towards pet health and responsibility to the planet.