Generation Z, which is often abbreviated as Gen Z, is the demographic which falls directly after the Millennials.

Those concerned with research, typically use the mid-1990s through to early 2000s as the beginning of this culturally changing demographic’s starting birth years.

In this article we’re going to take a look at some key trends, of which this multi-billion dollar spending demographics are most interested in and where their loyalties, spending habits and culture fit with of 2020, 2021 and beyond.

Let’s start by giving the short answer as to how this young demographic will roll in the coming year.

What are the key Generation Z trends for 2020? During 2020, generation Z’s purchasing will continue to be influenced heavily by social media. Fashion brands which are alert to injustice in society will prevail. Organic and sustainable restaurants will continue to attract this sector, and social and environmental issues will continue to be important.

Generation Z social media market trends for 2020

Gen Z are heavily influenced by their social media marketplaces and have been during their short lifespan. For those selling a consumer product of any kind to this technologically savvy group of young people, you’ll need to advertise on social media or run the risk of being left behind. This trend is most certainly going to be an important consideration for anyone in a retail capacity in 2020.

However, the platforms this young breed of internet natives regularly haunt is not the same as their older counterparts.

For instance, Facebook is considered old fashioned and, although there are still billions of users on Facebook worldwide, studies show that Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube are where you are most likely to find this section of the population. Gen Z’s require much more visually driven content, and platforms with the ability to communicate in a quick, short-form, through pictures, and short video snippets are likely to be where Gen Z will be continuing to focus their online energy during 2020.

Gen Z 2020 trends for eating out and food

Gen Z have seriously defined tastes when looking for restaurants, which is a trend set to continue through 2020 and the near future. Those that use organic and sustainable ingredients in their menu are far more attractive to this ethically aware bunch than standard food outlets who aren’t as socially or environmentally aware.

This younger population expect high standards of ethical and humane animal treatment along with the same attention to detail within food production. Gen Z grew up schooled with regards to animal welfare and these ideas play an enormous role in their overall food vocabulary.

Generation Z consumers expect their food to be fresh. They’re more likely to look for a larger balance of vegetables to protein and starch when it comes to a meal.

According to research by, they’re also enormously interested in flexitarian lifestyles, and this market literally drives the meat substitute industry.

They will continue to be interested in, and eat dishes where the vegetable is the star of the show. The biggest difference between the food choices available to Gen Z and those of perhaps millennials and BabyBoomers is that previously, these groups had to go to vegetarian restaurants to find vegetarian dishes. suggest that Gen Z’s plant-based food is ‘cooler than smoking’ and that younger people are steering the course of an upsurge in vegan dining.

Employment trends for Gen Z in 2020

According to an article by Forbes Magazine, Gen Z’s are extraordinarily highly independent and share entrepreneurial traits with their Millennial counterparts, only to a much larger degree.

Independence and purpose, are the key to the Gen Z workforce when they are looking for meaningful employment. They will continue to look for these traits into 2021

While it’s critical for employers to bring these new employees up to speed on the social skills they may lack, it will also benefit their teams to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

Gen Z most definitely raises tech-savvy candidates that many modern companies crave. However, employers should realize that these candidates will also need help to focus, support to learn the ‘soft skills’ and opportunities to thrive as part of a winning team.

If you are looking at employing a member of this youthful bunch in 2020, make sure you have programs in place to support their entrepreneurial ideas, but also to work with them to build their soft skills such as communication…

Fashion trends in 2020 for Generation Z

Shoppers, particularly Gen Z, continue to have social and environmentally aware issues on their minds. Let’s take a look below at what the fashion industry needs to do, to keep up with these forward-thinking consumers.

Fashion companies are showing signs of understanding the terminology of hip new vocabulary ‘woke’ This is a new phrase which is popularised on social media and basically means they are alert to injustice in society.

In a nutshell, this phrase relates to fashion retailers understanding what’s on the minds of Gen Z.

For example, the word ‘feminist’ is becoming more and more visible on fashion industries homepages and newsletters to keep up with the important ways of living Gen Z relate to. (a phrase defined as “alert to injustice in society”.

Stores such as Loft, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters are also beginning to grasp the idea that Gen Z’s aren’t interested in buying clothes. They simply would prefer to borrow them or rent them.

Rent the Runway began this trend and was one of the first fashion industry ‘disrupters’ which introduced the ability to rent designer clothing for a very low cost.

This kind of sideways look at fashion is important to the younger population and are more likely to shop with fashion brands who understand how they think.

Gen Z’s aren’t interested in buying clothes. They simply would
prefer to borrow them or rent them.

2020 trends for Gen Z relationships

Research company 747 has uncovered fascinating data which tells that Generation Z are far more likely than their previous counterparts to find partners of a different race.

These racially integrated demographic is far more attracted to people who don’t look, behave or think like them. Research company 747 insights tell us that interracial marriage is on the rise and as many as 4 in 5 Gen Z’ers said they would date a person outside of their own race predicts the continuing trend into 2020 will continue with interracial marriage subject is to rise.

The majority of those interviewed within this racially diverse group also said they would date people with opposing political or religious views. Expect this generation to continue to deepen the cultural shifts that are also prominent within the current Millennial community. This trend shows no sign of disappearing in 2020.

While love and loyalty may seem like timeless qualities, new generations view relationships very differently. Their approach to commitment differs vastly compared to those of their predecessors.

Behind this way of thinking is the infinite choice they have at their fingertips in terms of technology. Gen Z are faced with an endless stream of suitors through their engagement with social media and apps. Expect to see even more dating apps and ways in which this young group of individuals are able to find a mate in 2020.

They don’t differ too much from previous generations with regards to the fact that finding a significant other is a top priority, but the path they choose to arrive there is more complex than ever before.

Young people see their romantic relationships as complementing personal growth, with self-reliance more of a feature in their relationships than ever before. Stability in their partner isn’t as necessary as in their parents or grandparents generations, because they are determined to rely on themselves.

They’re also aware that they’ll likely have changing needs throughout the course of their lifetimes and that they can fall in love many times. commitment for these young people is not anywhere near as important to them as other demographic groups…

And finally…

As we begin to rapidly progress through 2020 and 2021, we can start to prepare and think about how the generation Z population are set to break traditional boundaries, challenge outdated ways of thinking, and shape the world in which we all live.

Their evolving agenda will make breakthroughs in the ways in which we work, live, love and play. With their mould-breaking ideas and reasoning, to keep up with this technologically savvy, ethically thinking and health-conscious tribe, we are set to see a number of changes to take us into 2020 and beyond.