P.S. Matt Groening is DEFINITELY a warlock.

With 30 seasons under it’s belt, and a recent contract renewal guranteeing another two seasons, The Simpsons is the longest-running
scripted show on American primetime TV.

They’ve churned through over 700 episodes worth of storylines, so it’s no wonder that some of the premises and ideas have turned out to be true, right?
WRONG. Here is the incontrovertible evidence that Matt Groening and his team of scriptwriters are psychic warlocks.

In 1994, the episode ‘Lisa on Ice’ correctly predicted autocorrect fails. During an assembly, school bully Dolph was asked to take a memo on his PDA (an early tablet) to “Beat up Martin.”, which autocorrected to “Eat up Martha”.

In 1995, the episode ‘Lisa’s Wedding’ correctly predicted FaceTime AND smart watches and in 2000, the episode ‘Bart to the Future’ predicted that Donald Trump would become the President.

Those of you without an imagination or flair for the conspiracies inherent in the world around us are probably saying that it’s just a coincidence. Well here’s another ‘coincidence’ for you:

In 1998, the episode ‘Wizards of Evergreen Terrace’ correctly predicted the mass of the Higgs Boson particle fourteen years before the physicists at CERN
did. That’s right, the God Particle motherduckers.

In the episode, Homer decides to become an inventor and unleashes a hidden talent for mathematics. In one scene he’s pictured infront of a blackboard
with an equation for the mass of the particle, which hadn’t even been discovered yet.

If you need more convincing, check out this listicle here, and this one here, or this video .

Who needs Nostradamus when we’ve got The Simpsons? Just be sure to keep an eye on all the predictions that haven’t come true.. Yet.