Start your engines! American drag TV staple, RuPaul’s Drag Race is coming to Australia.

Hot on the heels of the incredibly successful international spin-offs Drag Race Thailand, UK and Canada, RPDR Australia is slated to hit
screens in 2020. The company behind such scintillating reality shows as Dancing with the stars and that one where they dump celebrities on a desert island, ITV Australia has secured local production rights for the Emmy Award-winning show (9 Emmys to be exact) and are definitely maybe filming the Snatch Game as we speak.

We are set to shantay onto Australian screens in 2020
ITV CEO David Mott to TV Tonight

Discussions are still ongoing with potential broadcasters, so there’s no word on whether it will stream on Stan like the American seasons of RPDR and All Stars.

Let’s be real though – none of the major streaming providers have lock in subscriptions anymore, and $10-$15 a month for an entire season of Kangaroo jokes, double-entendres and good old Aussie ‘Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent’ is a bargain.

So will Mama Ru herself be hosting this Eleganza Austravaganza? He’s married to an Aussie so I like to think chances are good. No official confirmation yet though, so keep praying to Peaches Christ. No news either on whether Courtney Act, arguably Australia’s most famous drag queen, is set to host. However, insiders agree it’s unlikely given her alleged beef with Ru and Ru’s breast friend Michelle Visage.

Rupaul poses with Michelle Visage
Breast Friends Forever

Bianca Del Rio is rumoured to be high on the list of potential hosts and honestly, so keen to find out how many ways she can spin a risque ‘Down Under’ reference.

If ITV decide to go with a homegrown option for a host, Vanity Faire (Courtney Act’s business partner and probably BFF) would be a great option. Her immensely popular insta, Wigsbyvanity, is followed by famous RPDR contestants such as Trixie Mattel and Katya and they’ve even spoofed her ‘Fabuolous Fridays’ bit in a local tour promo. Just imagine the wigs on wigs challenge.

As we wait with bated breath for ITV to spill more deets on production timelines, filming locations, hosts and contestants, take comfort in the knowledge that in just a few short months, there will be more spilt tea than a pack of Jatz can handle.

Halleloo hennies.