Millennials have now taken their place in public and political life developed their own reputation and are now starting families. The newest demographic to discover are Generation Z. Here we’re going to discuss some keywords and phrases associated with Gen Z.

Millennials have often been described as the ‘Me-Generation’ so in direct contrast, let’s take a look at some ways in which we can describe these younger members of our population. This list of qualities may help us realize how Gen Z is able to bring unique thoughts and ideas to the world of tomorrow.

Let’s take a look below at some words we can use to describe Generation Z.

Words to describe Gen Z:

  • Brand skeptical
  • Innovative
  • Digital natives
  • Social media driven
  • Flexitarian
  • Entrepreneur
  • Diverse
  • Green

Brand skeptical

Gen Z are highly skeptical of major brands and advertising which aren’t socially aware or worse, those that advertise to them in unreal and artificial ways. This young group is on the lookout for smaller startups or bigger brands that have an underlying social cause, and who actually follow through with their claims.

Studies show that over 2/3rds of Gen Z consumers experience an increase in positive feelings about a brand because of an association with a social cause, and 58% said this may result in a purchase.

The shoe company Toms, fits neatly into the expectations of the younger members of our world because for every shoe purchased, a pair is donated to children in need. With over 93 million pairs currently donated, it’s quite clear that this kind of advertising and ethic appeals to the Generation Z demographic.


This group of tomorrow’s scientists is preparing for professions that don’t even exist yet. Many of these will be linked to the technology sector, such as Artificial Intelligence, communications, and innovative research. New forms of technology which are currently being developed will ultimately have Generation Z at the helm, driving technology forward and shaping the world around us. With their propensity and aptitude for all things digital, this cohort is set to make leaps and bounds in many areas of development.

Digital natives

Gen Z was born with a phone in their hands and the ability to swipe on an iPad. Their world began surrounded by a myriad of technical devices such as iPads, smartphones, tablets and a flat-screen TV. This way of connecting with technology has been with them since birth and has been playing puzzles and games on mom’s iPhone, Skyping or face-timing grandma and following a list of videos on YouTube.

Because of this technological start in life, it leads generation Z to have limitless communication right across the globe. It could be said for a Gen Z, that communicating with someone across the world is now easier than talking to a sibling over the dinner table.

This connected cohort is adept at online research and in many cases are given the role ‘chief buyer’ in the home. For example, researching the best internet provider or music sharing service for the family to use.

It could be said for a Gen Z, that communicating with someone across the world is now easier than talking to a sibling over the dinner table.

Social media-driven

Some of the biggest impacts on Gen Z’s comparatively short lifespan is social media and the effects it has on them and their social groups. This form of media affects this young group in many ways including cyberbullying, product influence, and generally connecting with their friends.

Compared to the millennials generation before them, Generation Z are more adept at interacting with their peers regarding social issues. A recent report by Criterio shows that over half of Gen Z use Snapchat, Instagram or – to a lesser degree – Facebook, several times a day and they stream up to 23 hours of video content from sharing sites such as YouTube.


Alternative meat and plant-based food products are on the rise and could begin to change the way we all take our main form of protein. The goal of reducing dependence on animal culture is a trend that has captured the imagination and eating habits of the younger members of our society.

Generation Z is embracing this trend and more than ever, this young group of ethical and health aware youngsters is turning to flexitarian diets.

Labels are not something Gen Z’s generally feel comfortable with, so Flexitarianism sits perfectly alongside their ideals. Consuming their food in this way gives Gen Z the ability to dip in and out of standard food consumption ideas and develop their own eating patterns which have a more blended approach.


Gen Zers are environmentally aware. They value the eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle much more than any previous generation. Their general awareness of this important part of life – which includes preserving the planet on which we live, means it’s quite likely that this generation may well have a hugely positive impact on the environment.

A characteristic shared by many Generation Zers is the desire to change the world for the better. This group of globally aware young people is passionate about environmental causes including:

  • Climate change
  • Pollution
  • Alternative energy
  • Recycling
  • Environmental activism.
It is quite likely that this generation may well have a hugely positive
impact on the environment.


Gen Z are the group of our rising population who understand there is money to be made from a great idea. The traditional ways young people earned money in the past, for example waitressing jobs during college, are dying out as Gen Z’s are finding other ways to make a buck.

Side hustles are growing more popular with these youngsters. Stories of young people becoming millionaires overnight from creating a great app, or taking advantage of some loopholes in online advertising platforms are becoming more and more regular with this entrepreneurial group.

They aren’t afraid to chase new ideas and have the self-belief that they have what it takes to have similar successes.

With formats such as Fivver and Upwork, many young people are using these sites to find logo creators, blog writers, Youtube creators and other forms of help to get their business ideas up and running.

Not to mention being involved directly in the ‘gig economy’ by also offering these services. They’re fully aware that anything they don’t know is literally only a click away.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, around 70% of teens are self-employed

With a range of activities that can best be described as self-employed, such as teaching piano, making money off a YouTube channel, and many other creative ways of making money.


The Generation Z contingent is more likely to judge people for what they are, rather than who they are. Ideas such as race, religion, and sexual orientation are how previous generations have judged their peers. this younger sector of the population has developed in a diverse world and it’s this that shapes their views of the people around them.

Identifying characteristics relating to whether you are a Muslim or Christian, whether you are black or white, or even the gender of people you sleep with, is not important to this accepting group of society. This is in direct contrast to many in the previous generation divides.

Gen Z’s are the most diverse and most multicultural generation the U.S. has ever seen. In a recent study by research company Trendara, Gen Z’s describe themselves as global with fluid identities, rule breakers, and tech natives.

To summarize…

Gen Z brings with them a multitude of characteristics. Some are similar to previous generations, whereas many are being bought into play by new social, environmental and technology changes and advancements that have been present in their young world.

This cohort of young people is bringing with them a whole host of new altruistic, green and innovative ideas. Educational institutions, big corporations, and science need to learn how to keep this agile group engages as they move into adulthood and beyond.